Visual Supports

Visual supports are an essential tool when working with students on the autism spectrum. It is important to remember that visual supports need to be individualized to meet the needs of each student. The following samples are visual supports that were created for specific students and situations. They are intended as examples of a variety of visual support options only. 

Activity Ring – Calming

Affection Circle

Animal Picture Icons

Bathroom Pass

Behavior Chart

Break Card

Bus Visuals

Calming Book/Planner

Change in Routine Card

Choice Wheel

Circle Time Rules

Classroom Organizational Visuals

Desk Cues

Emotion Icons

Executive Functioning



Hallway Transition Token System

Hand Washing

I Need Help When

If I don’t know what to do

If I don’t know what to do 2

Individual Circles – Family, Friends, Strangers

Lanyard Visuals

Music Class Visual

Personal 5 Point Scale

Ready or Not Ready

Reward Menu

Sample Schedule

Sample Schedule 2

School Independence Checklist

Simple Cues Ring

Stop Light Visual

Structured Writing Sample

T-Chart – When I’m Mad

T-Chart – When I’m Mad at an Adult

T-Chart -Bathroom Behavior

Task Sequence (Reusable)

Theory of Mind

Token System

Token System 2

Topic Target

Voice Volume Meter

When I Need Help

Work Time Visuals

Yellow Zone Visual

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