You are a Social Detective by Michelle Garcia Winner & Pamela Crooke. A comic based book for teaching social thinking strategies with lessons.

Whole Body Listening Larry at School by Kristen Wilson and Elizabeth Sautter. This is our 2nd book in our two-part series to help our students develop a better concept of holistic listening, or Whole Body Listening.

We can Make it Better with DVD by Elizabeth Delsandro. A strategy to motivate and engage young learners in social problem solving through flexible stories. Stories to get students engaged. Readable for multiple ages and abilities. Teaches to predict and problem solve. The book follows two characters where the students need to help them follow their social problems.

New Social Stories: Tenth Anniversary Book By Carol Gray. The newest offering by Carol Gray! Social Stories help the child with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome to understand the social world around them. This book is an updated version of the New Social Story Book with new text and accompanying illustrations.

Thinking about You, Thinking about Me by Michelle Garcia Winner. Teaching Perspective taking and social thinking to individuals with social cognition learning difficulties.

Inside Out: What Makes a Person with Social Cognitive Deficits Tick? by Michelle Garcia Winner. Covers the I-Laugh Model of teaching inferential thinking and perspective taking. Not a curriculum, but rather a resource of understanding social cognition.

Think Social: A Social Thinking Curriculum for School Aged Children by Michelle Garcia Winner. Social thinking curriculum for school aged children. Goes through how to fit in, how to be part of a book, literal and figurative language, as well as how to be a social detective. Has Lessons!

Movie Time Social Learning By Anna Vagin, PhD In life there are no pause, rewind, or replay buttons. In Movie Time Social Learning, there are! The Movie Time Social Learning method is explained via seven different easy-to-find movies (see list below) and their accompanying lessons.

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