Social Stories


  • Comic Strip Conversations by Carol Gray. Uses simple drawings and illustrations to illustrate interactions and explore social events.
  • More Social Skills Stories: Very Personal Picture Stories for Readers and non-readers by Ann Marie Johnson. The stories in this book enable a teacher to present target skills in the context of a story. Each story is visual, with multiple activities including a story, concentration, card games, role playing and a teacher lesson suggested plan.
  • Revealing the Hidden Social Code by Marie Howley and Eileen Arnold. Social Stories for people with ASD. A resource for learning to write social stories by learning about structure, content and visuals.
  • Storymovies DVD by Carol Gray. Social Concepts and Skills and School. Social stories come to life by using videos to model. Designed for students 8-12 diagnosed with HFA.
  • The New Social Story Book by Carol Gray. Over 150 Social Stories that Carol Gray wrote. Goes over how to chew gum, the truth about classroom schedules, and how to deal with airport security.
  • Writing Social Stories with Carol Gray with DVD by Carol Gray. Teaches you how to write a social story through a workbook format

Social Story Library


Grooming and Hygiene

Guest Teacher

How to Get Boogers Out

Kids Who Tease

New School

Personal Space
Personal Space – Spongebob

What If I Make a Mistake

What is teasing?

Why do students need to do homework?

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