• Strategies for Organization by Michelle Garcia Winner. This 3.5 hour DVD and handout booklet features the highlights of Michelle’s popular all day workshop on this same topic. The information on this DVD is applicable to ALL students from about upper elementary school through university age and beyond – and not just those with learning disabilities.
  • Visual Pathways for Learning I by Dana Gooden-Schroeder, SLP Shelia Hansen, SLP.Resource of visual organizers to assist students in organizing language for academic success. Helps for comprehension, recall of oral and written language experience across several academic areas including: vocabulary, concept development, literature, classroom content.
  • Visual Pathways for Learning II by Dana Gooden-Schroeder, SLP Shelia Hansen, SLP. Tools to compliment instruction by providing students a visual structure for thinking and reasoning, organizing and planning, and communicating their knowledge and intent.
  • Where’s My Stuff?by Samantha Moss. Offers comprehensive advice on how to organize school-work, lockers, bedrooms, and even one’s schedule.

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