PBIS World


  • A 5 could Make me Lose Control by Kari Dunn Burron. An activity based method for evaluating and supporting highly anxious children with picture word cards for younger children and those with more severe communication needs.
  • A 5 is Against the Law by Kari Dunn Burron. Social Boundaries: Straight Up! 5 point scales about degrees of behavior, highlighting the safety of behavior, where a 5 is against the law.
  • A Mind at a Time by Mel Levine. America’s top Learning Expert shows how every child can succeed. Cognitive Behavior Therapy.
  • Sticker Strategies: Practical Strategies by Michelle Garcia Winner. The idea behind this CD/workbook package is that once a student has learned a strategy for overcoming behaviors that may be causing him or her problems, presented in the Sticker Strategies CD and book, the instructor sticks the strategy sticker in a flip notebook. The student carries the flip book with him/her throughout the day. With the flip book, the student can easily and discretely refer to the strategies s/he already learned to solve problems with independence. The result is fewer behavioral breakdowns and classroom disruptions, while teaching self-reliance and problem-solving anytime, anywhere.
  • The Incredible 5 point Scale by Kari Dunn Burron. Visually teaches students to recognize their behavior on a rating scale and to regulate their behavior.
  • The Zones of Regulation by Leah Kuypers. A curriculum designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control
  • What to Do When Your Temper Flares: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Problems With Anger by Dawn Huebner. A workbook for students to learn about anger and how to control their own feelings of anger.
  • When My Worries Get too Big! by Kari Dunn Burron. A relaxation book for children living with anxiety.
  • Whole Body Listening Larry at Home! by Kristen Wilson & Elizabeth Sautter. A book that teachers the “secrets of listening” to students.

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