An Underlying Cause of Autism Could Be Indicated by Enhanced Motor Perception 5/11/13

Model Cell System Offers Insights Into Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Other Neuropsych Disorders 5/6/13

New Studies Support Environmental Link to Autism 5/4/13

Interventions Offer New Hope For Autistic Children Who Never Learn To Speak 4/26/13

Researcher Uncovers Potential Cause, Biomarker For Autism And Proposes Study To Investigate Theory 2/4/13

Goal Setting in the Classroom 11/1/12

Autism Early Intervention Can Help Regulate Brain Activity 10/27/12

New Way to Image Brain-Cell Activity Could Shed Light On Autism And Other Psychiatric Disorders 10/19/12

Cognition in Males and Females with Autism: Similarities and Differences 10/18/12

Is He Being Bad? Social and Language Brain Networks during Social Judgment in Children with Autism 10/17/12

Adding Up Autism Risks 10/16/12

New DSM-5 Criteria for Autism – Who will be left behind? 10/11/12

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