Rose Festival – Special Preview for People with Autism!

Special Preview!!!
This year the Rose Festival will be opening up some of their exhibits early for people with autism and other special needs!
WHEN: Saturday May 31, 2014
10:00 a.m.
WHAT: Special Preview of CityFair!
The Rose Festival will be opening up their Wild Side Exotic Animal Exhibit, KidsZone and the Alaska Airlines activity area an hour early for kids with special needs.  They will be lowering the lights and running the activities with lessened sound to help kids with sensory issues have a good time.
All of these activities can be accessed through the Yamhill gate leading into the park. The Yamhill gate is the main gate into CityFair, the one with the big sign overhead.
People should use the password “Special Preview” for free admittance at the gate!
This is a wonderful chance for kids with special needs to attend the Rose Festival CityFair and experience some of the fun that they might miss due to sensory issues.  Many thanks to the Rose Festival for being so awesome!
Please share the news with your families!!
The CityFair will open up to the general public at 11.

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