How To Write a Social Story

ABA and Autism Services

Social Stories were developed by Carol Gray in 1991.  Social stories can be used to help someone understand what is going to happen and behavioral expectations.  A social story can be used for every day events as well as special events.  Special events can be both exciting as well as anxiety producing.  As an example, I will reference the annual Fairy Tale Ball at The Urbana Free Library.  If a child wanted to attend, but was afraid things would be too noisy, or the puppets scary, I could write a social story for that child.

My first step in writing a social story is gathering information.  The most important information is about the person.  What is the age and name of the child?  What are the concerns?  How does the child respond to things?  Who is attending with him or her? Once I know about the person, I need to…

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